Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Naotaro Moriyama - Sakura (english)

We are surely waiting
For the days in which we can see you again
On the streets, lined with cherry blossom
We'll wave and shout
Whenever we feel pain
Or it seems as though we'll be crushed
Because you're smiling
We feel that we can hang on
From inside the misty landscape
We can hear the songs from that day
Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, now they're in full
Scattering in an instant, i know that it's a
Farewell my friend
When it's time to set off on your journey
With your unchanging feelings now
I wonder now we can say them
Those words without fabrications
True words, to hope for your shining future
It's as though the bustling city
Is hurrying us along
Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, simply falling
Believing that one day they'll be reborn
Don't cry my friend
Now it's time to be sad for parting
With that unadorned smile, well...
Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, fly now
Basking in the light merrily, for all eternity
Farewell my friend
Let's meet here again
On the street scattered with cherry blossom

p/s : aku suka lagu ni sebab akustik...pemain piano dengan vokalis jek...ni link dia kalau korang nak tgk.



Nino said...

siap translate & post kat blog ek? kiranya xmengatal la ek?

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